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Since 1968 Hurricane Racing is active in racing industry. After 34 years operating at the Gonnetstraat in Haarlem the old building wasn't sufficient anymore for the company. It was decided to allow the construction of a new company building. Heerhugowaard, the new destination, there was in 2002 the new 450m2 building completed in

the industrial zone the Zandhorst.

Within the new building there is a engine preparation area, a 100m2 testing facility with 2 engine test benches and a 2WD rolling road. The machining area contents grinding, milling and lathe machines. We also have a camshaft grinder and a crankshaft balancing machine. Further we have al the machines for professional adjusting engine and components. In the building is a parts department with a 80m2 warehouse with the most popular racing engine parts. With this warehouse we can provide our customers fast components and provide any technical assistance.