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Movie's of engine testing and rolling road tests.





 Hurricane Racing Engines

 In the tough, competitive world of motorsport, there is no greater motivation than the desire to win and you have a good partner in Hurricane Racing.

Hurricane Racing is a supplier of high-performance engines for road, circuit, sprint, rally and rally racing.

With over 40 years off experience Hurricane Racing made name in the racing business in own and foreign country. In our workshop we have the most modern machines for working the engines and components. We also make our own camshafts with our Berco camshaftgrinder, with over a 100 different cam profiles we can make a camshaft for every race engine.

Within the company there is a 100m2 testing area where the engines are tested. We have 2 engine dynometers up to a 1000 HP. Furthermore, we have avaiable a 2WD rolling road for testing race cars we can measure power, torque and speed.    








Hurricane Racing

     Galvanistraat 31

             1704 ST


     The Neherlands


    P:0031 (0) 72 5721701

    F:0031 (0) 72 5721733